Tour Coat Classic Moto Tour Jacket Red (Small Only) PWC Jetski Ride & Race

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Tour Coat Classic Moto Tour Jacket - Red

The Jettribe Neoprene Tour Coat, or Moto Jacket is designed for those chilly days on or off the water.

  • Made as additional overlayer to help keep your core temperature high, primarily in your chest area
  • Protects from water splashes while on your ski and the cold, high winds when flying across the water at 80MPH.
  • Oversized cut to be worn over the life vest and wetsuit
  • Pre-Curved elbow joins for added comfort and flexibility
  • Proprietary compression process makes 5mm neoprene until 3.5mm for a lighter feel and better cold protection
  • Bold and oversized graphics are printed by gas fusion process, so material is soft and light to the touch without cracking or fading