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Ladies Cut Hyper Rashguard – Purple
UV Protection

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Ladies Cut Hyper Rashguard – Purple
UV Protection

Sublimation Gas-Fusion Graphics (Soft to Touch, no skin irritation like silkscreen)

4-Way Stretch poly lycra

Breathable and quick-drying

20% Spandex and 80% polyester fabric

Lightweight, stretchy, and easy movement for riding PWC and other water activities

Comfort fit and design offers ultimate warmth and sunburn prevention for hours of PWC riding

Flatlock stitching is an ideal stitching style for watercraft riding gear. The parallel stitching method is perfect for riding gear due to its strength and flexibility. Open to water penetration, the unique seam offers high performance and fast drying times, that complement the rashguard’s light, breathable fabric. Count on flat-lock stitching to keep your long sleeved guard wearing great every day. The tight fit provides optimal staying power on even the roughest waters.

The Jettribe rashguard’s fade-resistant coloring and design is made the enhance your time on the water. Make the most out of your next ride with this high performance and comfortable rashguard.

Sizing: Rashguards are a tight fitting product. You may want to order a size larger if you do not enjoy tight fitting clothing.

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