Reactive Leg Guards | Shin Protection – grey (one size)


Reactive Leg Guards | Shin Protection (one size)

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Reactive Leg Guards | Shin Protection

This Reactive Leg Guard set is a hybrid design used by Racers and Rec Riders everywhere. For those who ride hard, they help protect the outer side of your lower leg from impact with your own ski or someone else. Leg Guards are a required protective gear item in many countries for racing. Many riders who buy these leg guards have already experienced some sort of accident involving injuries to the lower leg. They wished they would have invested in a pair of these before that ever happened and the whole injury would have been avoided. Make sure to get yours today to prevent injury!
• Lightweight, thanks to the Neoprene and Air Mesh Material
• Built-In drain holes to keep water from bogging it down
• Front and side impact panels constructed of 5 layers of energy dissipating materials
• Elastic Webbing
• Dual 38mm D-Rings
• Designed for both sitdown & stand-up riders
• 2 included in a set
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