WETSUIT SHARPENED RED| 2 Piece Set | John & Jacket | Closeout


Sharpened John & Jacket Wetsuit Set – Red

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Sharpened John & Jacket Wetsuit Set – Red
Closeout – No additional sizes will be produced
The Jettribe Wetsuit John & Jacket Race Suit is built, designed and engineered for the riders‘ maximum comfort, flexibility, warmth and mobility:

Set includes both the wetsuit sleeveless john, and the longsleeve jacket
Built with 3mm panels are for warmth and 2mm panels for high movement areas like the inner arms and legs
Vivid and Bright Screenprinted Graphics
All seams have our interlocking flat stitch to provide a watertight seal and maximum comfort against the skin
Carefully selected neoprene for the right combination of thickness to retain a rider’s body heat in various conditions
Neoprene is a closed, high density foam made up of thousands of tiny air bubbles (cells) which provide an insulation barrier to slow down the conduction of heat
John/Jacket Race Suits are engineered with the understanding that constant rider movement over-generates body heat while in water and open air, as opposed to surf wetsuits that are designed to always be in water
PWC Manufacturers recommend wetsuits to help protect your skin and body from injury in the event of a fall
Note: 2019 Production Design is different from pictured. There is no white printing on the wetsuit.

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