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Lycra Dual Layer PWC Socks
Features our patent-pending Dual-Layer design. Comfortable neoprene socks with a dual layer compression lycra top. One layer to provide blood circulation for your legs, and a second layer that secures over the top of your water boots or high-ankle shoes to keep out sand and rocks! Our technology was designed for the PWC Jet Ski racing industry, but is loved around the world by people who work or play in or around wet conditions.

Made of Water-Wicking Lycra & 3mm „Airprene“ breathable Neoprene
A Perfect Match for all Jettribe Race Boots
First Layer acts as a compression sock for your legs, to provide the compression you need to increase blood flow and oxygen to your muscles.
Second Layer secures down over the top of your boot or high-ankle shoes to keep out sand and rocks while you work or play in the water.
From riding your personal jet ski watercraft, to competing in your favorite muddy 5k race, these comfortable neoprene socks not only provide the compression you legs need, but also keeps debris out of your boots or shoes.

Boots Sizes:
Size 5, 6 = XS/S
Size 7, 8, 9 = M/L
Size 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 = XL/ XXL

Color: Black


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